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3/13/2020 5:33 AM
Database String

Can you help configure login details please?.

I have the database path details but not sure what the string should be.

11/2/2020 8:19 PM
Keep hackers out from your site

Hi dear site owner,

If you received this letter, it means that your site has a vulnerability and is potentially susceptible to various types of automatic attacks.

Write "I want a report" to this email address - and specify your site. Within a few days we will send information about vulnerabilities that hackers can use to harm your site or server.

Your pentest team

11/6/2020 3:59 AM
Send your ad to millions of website owners via the their contact forms


I offer the service of mailing your advertising to millions contact forms on various sites. This is well suited for advert b2b offers. It is possible to sort the sites by country and, possibly, even by site topic (additional option).

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