NopTalk - Product|Customer|Order| TierPricing|WishList Importer, Editor

NopTalk Integrator - Automated Product Import tools allow you to synchronize product and customer, tier pricing, orders, wishlist import from external sources of wholesale partner into your nopCommerce online store. NopTalk Editor allows you to edit batches of products, categories and manufacturers quickly and painlessly directly on your store.
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About NopTalk Pro

Stop importing your products or customers one by one and import them all at once. NopTalk PRO allows you to easily upload your product or customer information into your nopCommerce store.

Save yourself hours with this module and make inventory management a breeze.

Simply match the tags from your XML/CSV/XLSX file to nopCommerce product fields to import your feed - thousands of products imported in one click!

It's easy to migrate from any other platform to nopCommerce - as long as you can get an XML/CSV/XLSX file from your old system, this tool can import it to nopCommerce. Or you can use it to set up multiple shops with ease. This is also good for daily updates from suppliers' feeds.

NopTalk Editor allows you to edit batches of products, categories, and manufacturers quickly and painlessly directly on your store.

Download NopTalk Pro User Guide


System requirements

  • Windows;
  • .NET Framework 4.5.1;

NopTalk Performance tests

We have made performance tests. NopTalk and nopCommerce store are on the same server.

  • Insert of 10000 products without images is taking ~5 minutes.
  • An update of 10000 products without images is taking ~ 4 minutes.

Vendors templates

There are already configured mapping for these vendors data feeds:

  • XML
  • CSV
  • XLSX
  • XLS
  • JSON (coming soon)
  • REST API (coming soon)
  • Brands Distribution;
  • Matterhorn;
  • BigBuy.

New Features

  • Translate texts (Name, description, attributes, categories) from to any language with Microsoft Api translator;
  • Pictures resizer;
  • Run custom SQL queries before/after import;
  • Email notifications about import results;
  • MySQL support;
  • WishList Import;
  • Orders Import (Coming soon);


  • Products Import;
  • Customers Import;
  • Customer Addresses Import.
  • Tier Pricing Import;
  • Categories Import;
  • WishList Import;
  • Order Import (Coming soon)
  • Pictures Import;
  • Attributes Import;
  • Specification Attributes Import;
  • Customer Roles Import;
  • Product Settings Import;
  • Stock Update;
  • Product Bulk Edit;
  • Categories Bulk Edit;
  • Manufacturer Bulk Edit;
  • Import from multiple Suppliers;
  • Support formats XML/CSV/XLS/XLSX;
  • Reading supplier file from FileSystem/HTTP URL/FTP or Web services;
  • Map fields as you want;
  • Specify the metadata, default value, short description, full description, and other fields;
  • Concatenate multi suppliers fields to one product field.
  • Filter products. Import only these products that you want - e.g., Where Quantity >0, Price less than 50, brand=Nike, type=Shirts;
  • Insert, update products;
  • Manage Suppliers' list and their import. One supplier can have multiple tasks. Example: One task for insert, another task for an update. In each task can set filters for products that you want to import.
  • Set scheduler for importing individual per task;
  • Can set close store before import;
  • Modify the price field during import - e.g., add 21% to your supplier pricing or add fix price;
  • Import multiple top-level categories and subcategories;
  • Split categories by delimiter;
  • Download remote images from the path;
  • Does not require any particular field to be imported, only import the data you want to show in your store;
  • User guide document answering common questions. Click here to download.
  • Show importing logs and reports.


Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Support for NopCommercev3.5, v3.6, v3.7, v3.8, v3.9, v4.0, v4.1, v4.2, v4.3
Support for NopTalkOne Year free support from the date of purchase (bug fixing, consultation)
Additional customizationWe can to customize functionality for your needs, for additional payment.
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